3.5G Cellular Upgrade for RaceCapture Pro mk2

3.5G Cellular Upgrade for RaceCapture Pro mk2


Upgrade your existing RaceCapture/Pro MK2 to 3.5G technology with this worldwide capable module

This is currently on back-order – production scheduled for January 2018.


Faster telemetry startup

You’ll have a faster start up and acquisition time – about 10 seconds from power up to transmitting telemetry, providing you’re in a good coverage area.

Sub-second latency

Under reasonable network conditions you’ll typically see less than a second of delay between real-life and what you see on your telemetry view. We know you want to see this for yourself – when you do, watch for your car on the front straight, then glance down to your telemetry dashboard to see where your car is: it’ll be tracking right along where you expect it on the front straight of the GPS map.  This cloud is race-car fast!

Better coverage worldwide

With this newer tech, AT&T, T-Mobile, and other GSM based carriers will provide better and more consistent coverage wherever you race.

Headroom for faster telemetry rates

With data rates up to 7.2 Mb/s (downlink) and 5.76 Mb/s (uplink) you’ll be ready for faster telemetry rates and larger channel counts, once we make those services available. You’ll still benefit from the extra headroom at the current 10hz data rates when network conditions are marginal.

Upgrade your current telemetry

We designed the 3.5G module to fit exactly in the same spot as the current 2.5G module, allowing upgrades to existing MK2 systems.  If you’re comfortable with a screwdriver we have the instructions for upgrading.

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