AIM CAN Connection Cable

AIM CAN Connection Cable


Live stream up to 14 channels of AIM data

Want to add real-time telemetry to your AIM dashboard? Now you can stream multiple channels of data and more to Podium – using RaceCapture/Pro and a single cable.

How it works

AIM data is provided by the SmartyCam CAN bus data stream. Nearly all AIM dashboards support the SmartyCam interface – if you’re not sure about yours, email us with any questions.

Setting it up is pretty easy, and we have a guide for you on how to set it up in two steps:

  • Use this integration cable to connect your AIM dash to the RaceCapture/Pro
  • Copy and paste our integration script which maps the AIM channels to telemetry

And you’re done! Once the data is streaming, you’ll be able to see live telemetry via the RaceCapture App dashboard monitoring page. Also, if you have real-time telemetry enabled, you’ll see your live stream Podium while you race.

The integration cable uses the same type of high quality connectors found in your AIM system, pre-wired to connect to RaceCapture/Pro.

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