CAN/OBDII Connection Pack

CAN/OBDII Connection Pack


A starter package ideal for endurance race cars with CAN OBD-II support! Works with RaceCapture/Pro MK3, MK2 and RaceCapture/Track (sold separately)

This package includes:

  • CAN/OBD-II adapter cable (provides data and power)

  • Free Race Capture app (download from Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store)

  • Works with RaceCapture/Pro MK2 and higher (sold separately)

What cars does this work with?

The CAN OBD-II support works with 2008+ and later vehicles. Some vehicles provided early support for CAN OBD-II, such as 2006 Mazda Miata and some Ford models. Check with your manufacturer if you’re not sure.

What sensors will I get with this package?

With the Endurance Racing Package you’ll have access to the following data

  • OBD-II ECU channels (some ECUs may not support all channels)

    • Engine Load

    • Fuel Pressure

    • MAP

    • RPM

    • Ignition Timing

    • Inlet Air Temperature

    • MAF

    • Fuel Level

    • OilTemperature

    • OEM specific PIDs support coming soon

  • Battery Voltage

  • High performance GPS (position, speed, altitude)

  • 6 Axis Accelerometer + Gyro

Add Dedicated Sensors

You aren’t limited with OBD-II data: with RaceCapture/Pro’s dedicated sensor support you can additional sensor data, including tire and brake tempertures, oil pressure, brake pressure, steering angle and more!

Check out our Sensor Selection for ideas on what you can connect!

No Assembly Required!

The OBD-II cable provides power and ground for a nearly plug and play experience! Plug it in, bolt it down and run through a short configuration!

Predictive lap times with the Race Capture app

The free Race Capture app provides a fast, real-time view of your race car’s data, including predictive lap times, sensor alerts and a customizable dashboard. Try it today: Download from the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store!





Hard-wire your Android Device for a permanent install

The included 12 volt 2 amp charger is designed to be hard-wired into your race car’s electrical system and will keep your Android dashboard supplied with power.

Which Tablet to get for my dashboard?

We recommend a high quality device from Samsung, LG, Google, or the hot new Amazon Fire tablet!

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