Linear Temperature Sender

Linear Temperature Sender


The Autosport Labs Linear Temperature Sensor offers a linear response of 10mv/C for easy calibration with a simple conversion formula.

Only ground, 5v, and output connections are required, with no pullup resistor needed - similar to other active sensors. The sensor is suitable for fluids such as oil, coolant and water.



● Thread pitch: 1/8" NPT

● Body: Stainless Steel

● 13mm (1/2") hex head

● Wiring: 18" flying leads


● Voltage supply: 3-5V

● Wiring color codes - Green: Ground; Red: 3-5V; Yellow: Signal Output

● Pull-up resistor: None (Active element)

● Operational temperature range: -40 to 150C

● Calibration: Linear response 10mV/C; 0.5V at 0 degrees C

● Accuracy: +/- 2 degrees C from -40 to 125C, operation to 150C

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