RaceCapture Track

RaceCapture Track

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Powerful data for your car

RaceCapture is a powerful lap timer, data logger and telemetry system for your race or street car.

RaceCapture is Autosport Labs’ premier data logger designed for track day enthusiasts. Analyze your lap times, record speed, acceleration, yaw and engine data. Display predicted lap time and sensor values on an Android dash in-car. Send data in real-time to Podium to have your friends watch you race, live! Compare and share your lap data with friends online. Learn how to drive faster now with predictive lap timing, not after you finish your sessions.


Legacy OBDII Adapter:
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Predictive lap times and more with the RaceCapture app

The free Race Capture app provides a fast, real-time view of your race car’s data, including predictive lap times, sensor alerts and a customizable dashboard. Try it today: Download from the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store!


  • Predictive lap timing with the built-in high performance GPS
  • 3 axis accelerometer to measure G-Forces in 3D
  • 3 axis Gyro to measure Yaw, Pitch and Roll
  • CAN bus or OBDII data – connect directly to 2008+ CAN/OBD-II ports or older cars with the legacy OBDII adapter
  • All in a tiny, easy to install case

What’s in the Box

  • RaceCapture
  • OBDII cable

RaceCapture requires a phone or tablet for displaying and recording data.


Legacy OBDII Adapter

Got a car made before 2008? No problem! Select the ‘Include Legacy OBDII Adapter’ option to enable RaceCapture to connect to your car and record additional data like engine temperature and more! (Sensor support varies by make and model)


Inertial Motion Unit

Accelerometer Channels3 (X/Y/Z) (2G, 4G capable)

Gyro3 (Yaw/Pitch/Roll) (1000 degrees/sec)

Magnetic compass1 (Bearing) (device capable of 3) (compass available in 2.9.x firmware)


GPS TypeInternal active antenna

GPS Sample rates5/10/25/50Hz capable (10Hz recommended, 50Hz requires optimal conditions)

GPS accuracy2.5M CEP

Configuration Capacity

Auto-detect track databaseunlimited

Sectors per track20

OBDII Channel support10

CAN Channel support10

Accelerometer/Gyro channels6

GPS / Lap timing channels10

Analog Channels1 (Battery Voltage)


Dimensions3.5″ (w) x 2″ (h) x 1.5″ (tall) / 9x5x3.8 m(est)

Weight5oz / 141gm (est)