Wiring Harness Prep MK5/6 VW

Wiring Harness Prep MK5/6 VW

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Cameron will pair down your wiring harness to only what is needed for your racing car.  There is an average of about 17 Lbs of extra wiring in a MK5 VW wiring harness that you do not need for racing.  Cameron knows what is what and has been through these harnesses many times.  Ship the harness in and you will get it back in  two weeks, ready for racing!

Pair This with a race prepared ECU for the entire package, Cameron works closely with Reflect tuning to provide you with a trouble free experience, Eliminate the ever-present CEL so that you know when something actually is going wrong.  You will also get a very well sorted race file that has been track tested and proven to be reliable and fast.  Custom Dyno tuning is also available, please contact cameron@raceconover.com for more information. 

ECU Race Tuning:
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It is recommended to do this step while the car is having the cage installed.  Remove the wiring harness before cage work and ship it to Conover Motorsports, this way as soon as you get the car back from the cage shop it will be ready for installation.  For a complete build process management and execution please contact cameron@raceconover.com