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Cameron Conover has been involved with Motorsports on the road racing scene since his first car build in 2003, a 1996 VW GTI for ITB.  Since then Cameron has worked in road racing at all levels from regional IT racing, Spec Miatas in the Majors, Touring cars in Pirelli World Challenge, and even Lamborghini Super Trofeo.  This experience has been an invaluable teacher and Cameron has gleaned a lifetime of road racing knowledge through partnerships in the sport and immersion in the road racing community.  Having served others in the sport for thirteen years Cameron decided it was high time to get on track himself. With the help of long time friend Grant MacDonald, Cameron got his competition license at the 2016 Roebling school and began his own journey behind the wheel of Spec Miatas and IT VW's.  Being from the other side of the pit wall, Cameron can easily understand the budget constraints of the motorsports hobbyist and this has led him to start this company with the goal of bringing extremely capable Data Acquisition to the grassroots racer at an affordable price.  Please visit our shop to see how Cameron is ready to help you find your fast.

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